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Adorn Studio | The Importance of a Brand Style Guide

Don’t forget to proof your work to critique your marketing efforts.

Before I started my own business I worked a few 9-5 jobs, and though they were very different organizations, most had one thing in common – they lacked foundation, strategy, and consistency. Unfortunately, these negative attributes affected their game plan, brand identity, business structure, brand story, and product sales. The best way to describe my experience with these businesses is that it felt like I was part of a circus whose ringmaster had lost control.

Then one day, I was chatting with one of my wise friends who also happens to be an entrepreneur (and who also has a similar drive to overachieve) and she mentioned that not everyone thinks in terms of “strategy.” That made total sense to me, because I believe that everyone has their own talents and gifts, and strategy might not be one of them. But I also recognized that it was one of mine (and that’s why it felt so much like a circus to me in those offices). I believe that implementing strategies is so important to provide that foundation, consistency, and clarity for any brand — those factors are essential for any successful business!

So, I took it upon myself to do the research to establish my own successful business strategies. Not only did I want Adorn Studio to be known for exceptional designs, but I wanted it to be known for implementing efficient strategies to equip my clients. These strategies will aim, act, and achieve to craft your brand and convert more leads. 

My clients work so hard to build their business dreams and I want to give them a break by taking care of all things branding-related.

I am tremendously inspired by the clients I come in contact with, whether they decide to work with me or not. Below you will find a gift from me to you, a Proof Checklist that will equip entrepreneurs who cross my path with tools to help them not only dream big, but BELIEVE BIGGER!

This valuable Proof Checklist asks important questions that will help you evaluate and make sure your ideal client’s needs are met through every marketing piece you produce. If I didn’t use this valuable checklist on a regular basis, then I wouldn’t be able to reach or equip modern entrepreneurs, such as yourself, as well as I do. By relying on this checklist, I can rest assured knowing that all marketing material and strategies are up to par to keep my clients happy and satisfied.



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