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Adorn Studio | The Importance of a Brand Style Guide

Branding Expertise – Understanding your ideal client is the ultimate foundation of your business, and great graphic designers and branding mentors understand this. It’s never just about the logo – if a designer tells you that, RUN! Branding is about understanding your ideal client, seeking and speaking to them, selling to them, and serving them effectively and efficiently by creating the ultimate experience tailored to their needs. Not only will they keep coming back, they will refer you to other ideal clients.

Time saver – It’s 2 a.m. and you’re hitting command Z’s instead of catching zZz’s while trying to go rogue with your design. You finally realize that A) you’re tired – duh! and B) your time is money, and it’s being wasted! Your investment into branding design is not only worth every penny, but will also provide you a faster turnaround than what you could do on your own — without the headache. Do you really know the ins and outs of branding? The rules to abide by? Don’t guess – you don’t have time and pssst… you (and those precious hours of sleep) are worth more than that! 

Money Saver – Don’t make this mistake! You built your brand yourself (or went with a cheap option) because you wanted to save money, and you did. The problem? The content might not be as well-developed as it could be, and might NOT be designed according to your niche or ideal client – big problem! How did going rogue or paying $5 for a logo hurt your business? You’re working for everyone and their mother and, simply put, you’re burnt out and/or not enticing the right customer. You’re tired (mentally and physically) and have come to the conclusion that you better hire a graphic designer before things get even more hectic.

Think about it: if you’ve been able to create a client base on your own, imagine what working with a great designer or brand advocate will do for your business. When you work with a brand strategist, you’re not just buying a logo, you’re buying a strategy that creates an experience for your ideal client. Sure, you could pay $5 for a logo that’s not high quality and isn’t designed according to your niche and ideal customer — but how far will that get you? When you invest in a brand strategist and designer in the beginning, you won’t have to waste money rebranding in the future when you find that you’re overworked, burnt out, and don’t have any spare  time — especially to rebrand your business.

So, let’s face the truth: you have a dream, but are halted by your fears — what if the results aren’t worth the investment? I have good news, friend: good design strategy is worth the investment — and so is your business. So, save your money, respect your time and value your business. When you respect yourself, your client will too.

Consistency – A great brand strategist and designer not only creates graphics that convert leads, they also see the big picture. They forever keep your ideal client in mind by creating a style guide specifically for your brand –  this is the ultimate design blue print for ALL of your future marketing materials. They can envision how your logo will work in different scenarios –  when placed on a writing pen vs. a billboard. They understand the importance of brand consistency in marketing and website materials — this will provide the ultimate experience for your ideal client.

RelationshipJust a designer? Nah—more like superwoman—she’s your fortune teller, business partner, and brand strategist. A designer wears an array of different hats, and comes in handy whether you are just starting your business or need a business rebrand. A great brand strategist and designer has the ability to see the problems you are facing and doesn’t ignore them but, instead works with them. In the end, you will see the potential your business possesses (*ehem— that same potential your brand strategist saw for you from the very beginning). That’s a priceless side kick!

Strategy – Your brand strategist and designer should be familiar with effective strategies that will provide structure for your business, tell your brand’s story, and create an authentic branding experience for your ideal client for years to come. Implementing these strategies will provide peace of mind, save you time and money, provide consistency throughout your brand, allow you to dig deeper to truly understand your “why” behind your “what,” and will provide intentional design strategies that convert leads.

Now, let’s state the obvious… 

Design knowledge –Designers are the ones who grew up saying, “Mom, you know my friend Shannon? She was wearing the pink shorts, with the pink and yellow floral top, whose mom was wearing the red dress, and brown shoes!” Attention to detail has been engrained in brand strategists and designers. We just see things differently. We are mindful of design trends and eager to learn and absorb all the latest design news, and design software updates. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – we couldn’t agree more. Country chic, corporate modern, timeless retro… the what?! I have heard it all from my clients and I LOVE it! A great designer gets you and your style. And on that note, it’s important to find a designer whose designs mirror your style. Do you know your brand’s design style? 

Creative edge and technical skills are worth investing in – you deserve to be equipped with intentional strategies. Because we crossed paths, I want to gift you my Authentic Brand Roadmap, a guide that will help you learn three important elements that will outline and define your authentic brand.



Authentic Brand Roadmap Freebie