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Adorn Studio | The Importance of a Brand Style Guide

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Ah, the ultimate, authentic brand — what is it, really? And is it something you should care about for your business? Starting a business is hard enough, but it doesn’t have to be. How do I know that businesses are working harder and not smarter? Because that used to be me. 

An authentic brand means being yourself, understanding your ideal client, designing your brand intentionally, and implementing imperative strategies that will leave an everlasting impression for your clients to experience for years! And of course, there are so many parts that need to be established in order to create a fluid brand.

Do you know what it looks or feels like to experience more than just a brand’s product? You know that cozy feeling you get when you walk into a coffee shop ready to tackle your tasks in a relaxed environment? That coffee shop provided an experience for you, and the coffee is just an added bonus. Do you keep going back? OF COURSE – why wouldn’t you? Did you see how much ish you got done? 

THAT is an authentic brand that was built with intention. You are building a business for the first time, and you not only want to – but NEED to – get it right the first time. You can be using your gifts and talents brilliantly, your product could be mind-blowing, and your services could receive a 5 out of 5 in customer satisfaction, but all of that doesn’t matter if it isn’t built on authenticity. You can think your brand is the best thing since sliced bread, but if you are not providing an authentic customer experience your business will only take you so far.

Don’t be the business that’s suffocating under years of brand bore. Be the savvy entrepreneur who sees the importance of investing in your business to understand strategies that will GUIDE you to a genuine, authentic brand that was once just a dream. Be THE go-to business in your field. Be the business that works with clients see you as their friend and who respects your business’ worth.

Like I mentioned before, there are plenty of moving parts that work together to establish an authentic brand for your business; however, I’ve taken it upon myself to equip you with the initial parts of building an authentic business. Download my FREE Authentic Business Brand Roadmap that goes over three imperative elements that will outline and define your authentic brand. 



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