Brand Audit… with Style

Adorn Studio | The Importance of a Brand Style Guide

Define style elements that will make or break your brand.

Oh, no! As a business owner, you might be experiencing — dare I say — brand bore! The ultimate unprofessional eye sore – GASP! What is brand bore? Well, the definition I came up with is a brand that is lacking visual appeal. The different elements that make up a brand are clashing and do not complement each other.

It’s so important that your brand’s visual elements are top notch. If you aren’t accurately portraying your business visually, this can hurt your brand. Think of your brand as a children’s storybook. The strategies you implement in your brand are the hardcover and spine of the book, which provides structure and protects it from curious tots — I mean clients — who want to bend the “book rules.” Your brand’s voice is the text that captivates your readers and tells a story, which ultimately provides an experience for your ideal clients to remember. Then you have your brand’s style – ah, the style! The style is the beloved pictures in the story for your tots (I mean clients – geesh!) to connect and relate with.

Your brand’s style – the visual appearance – the first impression IS IMPORTANT!

This valuable brand component is so important that I put together a Brand Style Audit for the entrepreneurs who might just be lacking in the brand bore department – ain’t nobody got time for that. 

You have worked too hard, day in and day out, to settle for mediocre. Don’t get comfortable with just getting by with your brand. By taking charge of your brand’s style, you will attract clientele that see your worth. You will be able to work with intention, and will work with confidence knowing that your brand’s style is intentional, attracts your ideal client, creates an experience, and converts leads.

Download your Brand Style Audit today so you can briefly evaluate your brand’s design and marketing efforts according to how your client perceives your business. Learn the five style elements that can make or break your brand – this is a matter of deciding whether your business will have brand score or brand bore, people!



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