8 Business Mindset Tips to adopt before crafting your Authentic Brand

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I would like to think that all entrepreneurs have been there… you know, the “how can I make this happen?” or, “I’m not sure I have what it takes” moment. So, how did I make the leap? Starting a business was something I didn’t see coming. But then I stumbled upon this quote:

“If you don't have big dreams and goals, you'll end up working really hard for someone who does” - unknown.  

That’s when I realized that the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the work it would take to blossom. But after a few years of having my dream business, I quickly learned that there was so much strategy involved. The growing pains were E.V.I.D.E.N.T! Throughout my research to “up my brand game,” I learned strategies that had me thinking a couple things. 1) Dang – this strategy is brilliant and my clients would greatly benefit from this, and 2) Crap! This is going to take even more research, maybe I should just close shop now – HA! But lucky for y’all, I went with option one. What kept me motivated was my awesome clients. The ones who not only loved my design style, but loved my strategy to building an authentic brand for their ideal clients to enjoy for years to come.

Strategy is key to starting a business, but before you have the right strategies, you have to have the right mindset. Below are seven tips that will set the tone for your business mindset.

  1. As a Jesus lovin’ lady, of course my advice is to make a conscious effort to pray. Building a business is difficult, but as soon as I started making it a habit to pray, an overwhelming feeling of peace consumed me. I had a clear mind and was able to make concise decisions. Hey Jeremiah 29:11, I hear you loud and clear!

  2. Make an inspirational board. Write down anything that inspires you. Quotes help keep me grounded and motivated.

  3. Surround yourself with people who build you up rather than tear you down. I am so thankful to have such an amazing support system. Truth – my husband was more optimistic than I was about starting this business. He showered me with the confidence that I needed to keep me going on a daily basis (shout out to my main squeeze – wink, wink). In addition to my amazing husband, my family and friends have also been so supportive with all of their words of encouragement. Identify your supporters and look to them for words of encouragement during this journey!

  4. Network and meet new people. I believe everyone was born with a gift, so every person you meet may be extremely valuable to your business. It was important to have several mentors I could turn to if I had questions about anything. I believe that some of the most successful people are where they are today because they understand and acknowledge their own weaknesses. Understanding my weaknesses has been a humbling experience. Investing in people who are gifted in their field not only gave my business a professional facelift, it also gave me more confidence in my strengths as a businesswoman.

  5. Limit your choices. If you're anything like me, too many choices can be very demotivating. I get so frazzled when there are too many choices in front of me. Ask family or friends to help you make decisions so you can enjoy each step building your business. I love this French proverb I found in Joyce Meyer's book, Overload (which is AMAZING by the way), trop de choix tue le choix – too much choice kills the choice – right on, sista!

  6. Have peace about your business decisions. There are so many decisions you have to make when starting a business. For a whole week, I sat down staring at 20 different logos — I had encountered a roadblock. But this is totally normal, and easily remedied. If you are stuck on something and you don’t have peace about it, STEP BACK – I promise you can be doing one of the other 100 things you need to do to start your business.

  7. Welcome constructive criticism. If you have the right support system, you should welcome constructive criticism. Your support system is very excited for you and just wants to see you succeed. Whether you disagree or not with the critique when it is given, think it over. You’d be surprised where some constructive advice can take you.

  8. Make a business plan and have fun with it! If you are a “check it off the list” type of person, a business plan will be super motivating. Writing things down and completing a task will automatically hold you accountable. But remember, this is supposed to be a major exciting time in your life. Take one day (and task) at a time and just enjoy every step of the way. Download my Authentic Brand Roadmap (below) — this is the perfect checklist to start with when building your authentic brand. My free Authentic Brand Roadmap will help you start crafting the beginning stages of your authentic brand.

Enjoy the process of starting your authentic business – I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and make the leap! If you still need a bit more motivation click here to listen to Steve Harvey’s “Jump” motivational speech – it’s that good.

Goal-getter, I believe you have the potential to be bigger than what you have envisioned for yourself. I believe you will be seen, will serve your best clients, and not only shine, but make a difference in your field. I am determined to equip you to out-dream your very own dreams!

We are all in this together — comment some of your own motivational tips below!



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