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Is rogue the best way?

how a graphic designer can benefit you

— SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 —

C’mon let’s be honest, I know you've looked at a company logo or an ad of some sort and thought, “I could do that.” I am a realist and I totally get it, but the truth is there are actually legitimate reasons to hire a graphic designer to build your company’s brand.

Let’s first state the obvious… they have design knowledge. That may sound silly but great designers have been educated specifically on design. Anything from design basics (color, composition, and balance) to understanding design trends that will either make or break your business. If you go rogue without having basic knowledge on a design you can actually negatively portray your company… and that’s no way to gain clientele.

Another big reason to hire a designer is to have peace of mind knowing your brand is consistent. Every single marketing material or even marketing strategy will represent your company. A designer understands what your company needs to portray in order to grow and gain public notice. When your brand stays consistent it makes it easily recognizable for clients to choose your brand over another. Don’t be overlooked due to inconsistent marketing strategies.

Designers know a thing or two about marketing strategy as well. For example, you need a logo, right? Before a designer begins to design your company’s logo, they are thinking of all the potential marketing materials you may need in the future. With that said, they take that into consideration before taking the step of designing your company logo so that each future marketing material will positively represent your business.

Designers have professional software to take your business to the next level. Because of this software, designers not only possess technical skills that will make your brand come to life but they also have the ability to EXCEED your expectations on every future marketing material due to these technical skills. Don’t settle on a specific design just because you are limited, allow a designer to brand in a way that gives your business the opportunity to scream “LOOK AT ME!” to your potential clients.

Designers can provide clients with all the correct material needed, such as correct files. These given materials will reassure clients and give them the confidence to interact with all companies they work with in the future, such as printers, event planners, advertising agencies, etc. There have been so many times where a client would come to me saying, “I have this file but the printer said they can’t use it.” A graphic designer knows what to do to provide you with the correct material. Can you imagine working with a designer from the very beginning? You would literally be set for success!

So what do you think, is rogue the best way? The above are only a few of many reasons why a graphic designer can be beneficial to your business. If you lack the creative edge and technical skill, I am 100% sure hiring a graphic designer is the way to go.  If you decided to start your business experience with a designer by your side, you may want to check out my blog Before Branding Your Business. There you will find some great pointers that will help establish a great working relationship between you and your creative guru before designing your brand.

Designer Love ♡,